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  NZ government to protect seamounts
  from bottom trawling, but grants
  another mineral prospecting licence

  Global warming: Severe glacial
  reduction in southern Alaska

  Environment in crisis:
  'We are past the point of no return'

  New Zealand joins 16 countries
  in diplomatic protest on whaling

  Underwater noise: Death knell of our oceans

  20 years on and whales are under threat again

  World is at its hottest since prehistory

  Daring rescue of whale off Farallones

  Man will 'wipe out' rare creatures of the deep

  Conflicting uses with New Zealand
  control of its ocean territory

  Take action to protect the ocean

  Sensitive seamount ecosystems
  now under threat from mining

  Mining company seeks two more
  Kermadec deepsea prospecting licences

  Coastal Conservation: Asian tsunami damage
  prompts reconsideration in New Zealand

  Tsunami damage at Lhoknga

  Endangered Species: Threatened status of
  nine NZ birds worsens in global listing

  Kermadec Ridge mineral prospecting:
  Deepsea exploitation without review

  Voluntary action fails to save seabirds

  The end for GM crops: Final British
  trial confirms threat to wildlife

  How clean and green is New Zealand:
  Freshwater ecosystems are at risk

  Global warming: 2004 fourth warmest
  in over a century

  The return of the saddleback (tieke)

  Deep-sea fisheries: Government response
  to bottom trawling is not good enough

  Global warming: Antarctic Peninsula
  glaciers surge when ice shelf breaks up

  Seamounts: Discovery of a new ocean world

  Resource Management Act
  public objection is threatened

  Deep-sea fisheries: Scientists call for
  deepsea coral protection

  Bottom trawling moratorium

  Deep-sea fisheries: Rough seas
  for orange roughy

  Kiwi recovery: Another bad breeding
  season: Successes and failures

  Genetic modification

  Global warming: Black soot and snow:
  A warmer combination

  Global warming: Recent warming of Arctic
  may affect worldwide climate

  Global warming: South American glaciers
  melting faster, changing sea level

  Seabird protection

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  Deep-sea fisheries

  Genetic modification

  Global warming

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  Seabird protection


  Greater short-tailed bat

  Short-tailed bat

  Long-tailed bat


  Auckland Island teal

  Campbell Island teal

  Brown teal

  Extinct birds






  Flightless birds


  Kiwi, page 1

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  Auckland Island teal

  Campbell Island teal





  Native birds list

  Native birds botanical list

  Parrots and Parakeets




  Orange-fronted parakeet

  Antipodes Island parakeet,
  Forbes's parakeet

  Yellow-crowned parakeet

  Red-crowned parakeet





  Living fossils - primitive frogs, land snails


  Gigantism in insects - weta, earthworms

  Big trees - kauri

  Kauri logging

  Flowering trees - pohutukawa

  "New Zealand as an archipelago: An
  international perspective",  Jared Diamond

  New Zealand listed species -
  2000 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

  Terrestrial birds

  Other terrestrial fauna

  Freshwater fish


  Marine fish and mammals

  Ocean and shore birds

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