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Deep-sea fisheries
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Rough seas for orange roughy: Popular U.S.
fish import in trouble, says World Wildlife Fund
Genetic modification
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Genetic modification
Global warming
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Recent warming of Arctic may
affect worldwide climate

South American glaciers melting faster,
changing sea level

Black soot and snow: A warmer combination
Miscellaneous topics
Individually initiated
Native species control
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New Zealand ecology: Flightless birds, weka
Weka bludgeoned in bloody cull,
New Zealand Herald, 15 Sept 2003

Seabird protection
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Seabird protection: Government plan to
save endangered seabirds is not good enough

Photo Credit -  Center top: NASA    Center second from top: Wheat field and Richmond Range, Nelson,
permission Virtual New Zealand    Center third from top: Northern royal albatross by permission, Dennis
Buurman, Ocean Wings    Right second from top: Wheat, Ian Britton Copyright ©

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